Advent Calendar! A Pinterest Idea that doesn’t suck!

I have a love/ hate relationship with pinterest.  I love all the ideas it gives me.  I (usually) hate how the ideas turn out.  But last Christmas I came across one of the BEST advent calendar ideas ever:


The idea is so simple, it’s almost insulting.  All you do is find books- could be new ones you want to give your kids, could be old ones you have, could be favorite ones they’ve read before, or introducing them to ones from the library- it doesn’t matter.  I happened to have several Christmas books in our home library so I used them.  Then you wrap them up.  (I took the easy way out on wrapping and decided to use the brown paper that comes in our amazon packages)  Then every night before bed you open one book as a bedtime story.  One book a night until Christmas.  I LOVED this!  And I’m hoping it will be a new tradition.

Bunnies are Awesome


I dream of one day having a fiber farm; with alpacas, sheep, goats, maybe yaks- anything fiber- including angora rabbits.  I don’t have any farm experience, though.  But I am an experienced pet owner and earlier this year I decided to get a pair of bonded angora bunnies.  And so far?  All I can say is bunnies make great pets.

I have always been a dog and cat person, and whenever I adopted a cat I was often looking for a “lap kitty.”  I haven’t successfully found one, though.  Most of my cats turn out to have an attitude and, if they sit on your lap, you are putting yourself at risk if you pet them because they will either swat you, or sink their claws into your legs out of pure happiness.  I love my cats but my “lap kitty” quotient has never been met.  Until I got bunnies.

Now I have definitely met bunnies that are skittish and mean- and bunnies can bite and have claws that are scary and can do real damage.  Having met those bunnies, I was a little hesitant about how things would work out when I got my own.  But Angora bunnies are a whole different beast than regular bunnies.  Their fiber means they require regular grooming, they need more monitoring to make sure they don’t get “wool block” (they ingest some of their hair while grooming themselves but since they are SO hairy they can actually clog their own digestive track), and silly things like bedding can cause issues because their hair is so long.

But either because I handle them a lot for grooming, or because they are my bunnies, my angoras are the sweetest things.  I often sit them on my lap to groom them but they happily cuddle with me after grooming is complete (and they’ll cuddle each other if I bring both in together).  My lap quotient has finally been filled.  And as an added bonus, I am starting to amass a collection of fine fiber for spinning…


Life has been incredibly busy this year- and to add to that busy-ness- I finally got some fiber bunnies!

wooly wabbit english angora fiber bunny

My interest in knitting and crocheting has been expanding with the years, and although I’m not entirely sure I want to learn to spin, I have become more and more interested in fiber animals.  Based on where we live, bunnies were the fiber animal of choice, and now I am getting a crash course in the care of bunnies- specifically angora bunnies- which apparently are a whole different beast when it comes to their care simply because their long hair can make for more complicated care.

wooly wabbit english angora fiber bunny

But Norma Jeane and Eleanor have been a blast so far!  And hopefully I can share a little of what I have learned in some future posts.