Make Your Own: Watering Bulbs

How to Water Your Plants While Away

With summer right around the bend, you may be planning a short getaway and need an easy way to make sure your plants get the water they need.

… or maybe you have just transplanted several new plants and want to help them get established by making sure they have access to water.

… or maybe you have a notoriously dry spot in your garden where your plants just need a little more help.

Well, if you drink wine (or have access to some wine bottles) you have a solution to all these problems!

What you’ll need:

  • empty wine bottle
  • source of water

Simply fill the wine bottle with water, quickly flip it upside down and insert the “neck” of the bottle into the ground next to your plant.  Make sure the bottle is really in there (the water should not be gushing out!) and, hooray!  Your plant now has it’s own water reserve that deposits water slowly near its roots.  Depending on how hot or dry your climate is, this water can last a couple days and sometimes up to a week!  It’s also a much cheaper solution than those commercially available watering bulbs.

Welcome Summer!