T-Shirt Yarn Latch Hook Rug!

If you have extra t-shirts, but don’t have a use for t-shirt yarn, another option is a t-shirt latch hook rug!


  • latch hook
  • latch hook canvas
  • lots of t-shirt yarn


Make t-shirt yarn as shown here.  An added bonus of the t-shirt latch hook rug is you don’t need to worry about achieving a long continuous string.  This means you can simply cut the shirt into strips, and you can use seamed t-shirts as well as smaller t-shirt areas like the sleeves.

Cut the t-shirt yarn into 4-5 inch lengths.  Depending on the look you want, you can vary the thicknesses and lengths of the yarn (as well as the colors!), or everything can be made uniform.

Work the t-shirt yarn into the latch hook canvas just as you would typical yarn.  Since the t-shirt yarn is almost always going to be thicker than standard latch hook yarn, skip every other latch hook location, or even every two latch hook locations to prevent the rug from getting too thick and heavy.

You can also use other re-purposed fabrics to latch hook rugs.  Using a similar method of cutting the fabric into thin strips, 4-5 inches in length, a latch hook rug could be made out of old blue jeans!

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