Healthy Tomato Plants

Calcium for Tomatoes

Want healthy tomato plants this year?  Use crushed eggshells!

Tomatoes are prone to all kinds of pests and their bright red color makes them tempting to birds.  But an easy way to give tomatoes an upper hand is to add calcium to their diet.  Calcium makes the outer shell of the tomato just a little tougher, and in doing so, makes them just a little more resistant to those pesky pests.  Tomatoes with added calcium also won’t hurt your diet when it comes time for harvest.

So, wash and rinse a few eggshells and crush them into a powder- I find a mortar and pestle works best for this task.  Then, when you go to plant your new tomato plants (or when you are transplanting seedlings), simply add the crushed eggshell to the freshly dug hole and plant your tomato plant right on top.