Crocheted Llama and Sheep by Delicious Crochet

Crocheted Llama and Sheep

When I was expecting my first son, I decided I wanted to crochet him his first stuffed animal toy.  I had also lovingly nicknamed him “little llama” while we were deciding on his name, so finding a crochet llama pattern was an obvious choice.

Crocheted Llama

But when I found this wonderful llama pattern, I also fell in love with this:

Crocheted Sheep

So I ordered, and eventually made, both patterns.

They were super fun to make, are a good size (approximately 20″ from head to toe), and adorable beyond belief.  I even made duplicates for a friend.

The patterns were easy to follow, had lots of in-progress photos, and I would highly recommend them.  They are available here or here.