Keep Your Vegetables Fresh

storing vegetables

When someone receives cut flowers, what do we immediately do with them?  Put them in water, right?

So why is this common knowledge lost when it comes to vegetables?

Although this does not work for all vegetables, any cut vegetables such as kale, swiss chard, celery, bunches of spinach, or lettuce heads can be placed in a glass of water to help keep them fresh.  This is actually a great way to keep these types of vegetables fresh without refrigeration, however keeping them in water and in the fridge will keep them fresh that much longer.

If the roots are still exposed (such as with very fresh spinach), simply add the clump to some water.  But if the vegetable has been cut, simply chop off about 1/4″ off the end for a fresh cut, then add the bunch to water.  Change the water regularly, about every other day, and your vegetables will last that much longer without wilting.