Minimize: Your Wardrobe

minimalist wardrobe

With the recent popularity of the 100 Thing Challenge and Project 333, many people are rethinking and redesigning their wardrobe.  I am one of them.

A couple years ago, I decided to apply the 100 Thing Challenge to my closet.  I had collected far too many items during my college days when I worked in retail and, having a hard time shifting out of the college mindset of saving-everything-because-I-can’t-afford-to-replace-it, my wardrobe was overflowing.  This was especially embarrassing because college was over 10 years ago.

So I sorted through my closet and was even more embarrassed by the number of items I still had from high school.

After donating and re-purposing many, many items, I did manage to get my wardrobe under control- and my more manageable wardrobe has been wonderful for the past couple of years.

However, after living with this smaller wardrobe for some amount of time, I have noticed a few drawbacks to the items I decided to keep.  Most of the items I chose were because they were a favorite instead of thinking of the larger scheme and how an item might fit into my wardrobe as a whole.  So, my wardrobe contains a few shirts that do not work with most of my pants; some tanks that I liked but, in wearing them more, I realized the fit isn’t ideal; and I kept too many professional clothes without taking into account a major life change of becoming a mother.

A smaller wardrobe also means I am wearing the items more often and, along with being a little tired of my clothes, they are also beginning to wear out.

So I decided I’m starting over and I will slowly be replacing my wardrobe, this time taking into account how it works as a whole.

Of course, I don’t want to just replace items with whatever I can find at a local store or because something is on sale.  No- I want to replace my wardrobe with only items that I love.  This means some experimenting is in order and, as I find suitable replacements, I will dedicate future posts to the items selected and why.

I also don’t think I need 100 items anymore, that is, if my wardrobe is planned correctly.  But I also think 33 items is too few as I would like to accommodate my professional working self, as well as my casual weekend lounger/ mother/ and dog walker self.

For now, I think my perfect wardrobe will include:

  • 10 tanks – long with wide (bra-friendly) straps
    • 1 black scoop neck
    • 1 white scoop neck
    • 3 accent color scoop necks
    • 1 black lace neck
    • 1 white lace neck
    • 3 accent colors lace necks
  • 10 short sleeve shirts
    • 5 business shirts
      • 1 black collared short sleeve shirt
      • 1 white collared short sleeve shirt
      • 3 accent colors collared short sleeve shirt
    • 5 casual shirts
      • 1 black scoop neck t-shirt
      • 1 white scoop neck t-shirt
      • 3 accent colors scoop neck t-shirt
  • 10 long sleeve shirts
    • 5  business shirts
      • 1 black collared long sleeve shirt
      • 1 white collared long sleeve shirt
      • 3 accent colors collared long sleeve shirt
    • 5 casual shirts
      • 1 black long sleeved, long bodied shirt
      • 1 white long sleeved, long bodied shirt
      • 3 accent colors long sleeved, long bodied shirt
  • 10 layering items/wraps
    • 5 business style layers/wraps
      • 1 black layer/wrap
      • 1 white layer/wrap
      • 3 accent color layer/wrap
    • 5 casual layers
      • 1 black hooded layer
      • 1 white hooded layer
      • 3 accent color hooded layer
  • 10 sweaters
  • 10 pants
    • 5 business pants
      • 2 gray business pants
      • 1 black business pant
      • 1 tan business pant
      • 1 pair of jeans- business appropriate
    • 5 casual pants
      • 3 yoga pants
        • 1 dark gray yoga pants
        • 1 light color yoga pant
        • 1 black yoga pant
      • 2 capris
        • 1 dark gray capri
        • 1 white capri
  • 10 accent pieces of my choosing

Updates are sure to follow!