Keeping Berries Fresh


It’s berry season again!  Raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries- I look forward to them all year!

Only problem is, no matter how fast I eat them, mold is faster than I am.

So how to keep these wonderful berries fresh?  Vinegar.

As soon as you take your berries home (or, better yet, pick them from your garden), wash them as you normally would and then drizzle vinegar over them.  Vinegar is a wonderful multi-use item in my household, so we keep a spray bottle full of vinegar under the sink.  This means I simply spray the berries to make sure the vinegar is well distributed.  If you don’t have or don’t want to keep a spray bottle full of vinegar, simply dilute the vinegar in a small amount of water and pour over the berries.  No need to wash it off- just refrigerate the berries as you normally would.

Now, there can be a small hint of vinegar left on your berries (which I think adds a wonderful contrasting flavor) but if you are not a fan of the taste, you can lightly rinse the berries after applying the vinegar wash.

This won’t keep the berries fresh indefinitely, but it will give you a few extra days to enjoy them!

Updates: Other uses for Vinegar: