Vinegar: Fabric Softener and Mildew Fighter

Vinegar as Fabric Softener

It seems people everywhere are rediscovering the power of vinegar for all kinds of household projects.

One of my favorite uses for this versatile product is in the washing machine!  Why the washing machine?

Well, where I live is notoriously humid and a side effect of this is anything that gets wet will stay wet and eventually smell of mildew.  I can’t even describe how disgusting it is to get a clean, “fresh” towel out only to find it befouled with the smell of mildew.

To complicate the matter, we also have a front loading washing machine.  We love it for many reasons but its biggest drawback?  It, too, can develop a mildew smell.

Well, that mildew smell is a by-product of different types of fungi that grow in moist environments- and guess what is a natural deterrent of fungi?  That’s right: vinegar.

So instead of using super hot water and a super hot dryer to combat mildew, simply add some vinegar to your washing machine with every load- either directly into the tub or wherever you put the fabric softener.  Not only will this address the issue of towels smelling of mildew, but it will also keep your washing machine smelling fresh, and as an added bonus vinegar is a natural fabric softener so you no longer have to buy that expensive chemical-laced stuff.


Updates: Other uses for Vinegar: