Patagonia Sunshade Hoody: A Review

Patagonia Sunshade Hoody

Having already lived with and loved a more minimalist wardrobe, it is currently my goal to streamline this wardrobe into a cohesive and versatile collection.

I was hoping to not only replace some worn out items, but also include a better mix of casual and professional clothes to accommodate the working professional/ mother/ dog-walker that I am.

I also wanted to replace my clothes with well made, long lasting pieces that are as ethically made as possible.

Enter Patagonia.

I love Patagonia’s commitment to environmental causes as well as their re-homing and re-using philosophies.  They are also one of few large clothing companies I am aware of that are attempting to recycle textiles.

Considering all this, Patagonia was an obvious place for me to start my wardrobe search and I immediately fell in love with this Sunshade Hoody.

This hoody is lite enough to be worn in hot weather to protect you from the sun, but it is also a long sleeved layer that can add warmth in cooler weather.  Tucking my hands into my sleeves is also one of my favorite things to do and luckily this top has holes in the sleeves to accommodate thumbs!

I ordered one of these in white, and loved it so much I immediately ordered another in the hickory color pictured.  I was somewhat disappointed in the color of the hickory- it looks more green and less brown in real life- but not disappointed enough to return it.

Patagonia is also great at noting the type of fit for their clothing, but I prefer outer layers like this to be larger so when I ordered my second hoody, I ordered one size up and I ended up preferring the slightly larger size.

Of course, this hoody also has a front pocket that looks really great, but like most hoodies I’ve found these pockets don’t look good when actually used.  If anything is placed in this pocket the shirt will sag somewhat awkwardly and, being a front pocket, any items placed there will just make your stomach look bigger.  So I just try not to use the pocket and it looks great as decoration.

I highly recommend these, although Patagonia is already moving onto their next season’s line of clothing, so they are already hard to find.  Regardless, I am checking off one white casual hoody and one accent color casual hoody from my ideal wardrobe list.

Please note: I do not receive any complimentary items nor am I compensated in any form for the reviews I offer on this blog.