Coffee Grinder Alternative

My husband and I drink our fair share of coffee.  As a result, this daily habit has taken its toll on a fair share of coffee makers and coffee grinders.

Recently, our newest coffee grinder bit the dust and we were in need of a replacement.  Time was also of the essence since we don’t keep much ground coffee on hand.

Broken Coffee Grinder

Our old coffee grinder- sans function.

The one thing I hated most about all our previous coffee grinders was that, although we used them regularly, they required another outlet.  Between the coffee maker, the blender, the microwave, the toaster, and the kitchenaid mixer; our small kitchen was running out of outlets available for appliances.  I also hated how loud the electrical grinder was- especially since it’s primary use was during the wee morning hours.

So we looked into simplifying our coffee routine and found this:

Hand Crank Cast Iron Coffee Grinder

Not only does this hand powered, cast iron grinder require no electricity, it is also quieter, isn’t a single function item for us, and looks WAY more interesting.  Obviously, its primary use will be for grinding coffee, but as my husband is a home brewer, he can also use this to crack grain- it can even be powered by a hand drill!

On the not-so-awesome side, however, this grinder is much larger than I expected- the size is listed, but I still wasn’t expecting it to take up such a large footprint.   The grindings can also fall just about anywhere so we use a rather large bowl in the hopes of catching most of them.  Should we ever decide to upgrade, I think I’d be interested in a more specifically designed antique wall mounted coffee grinder:

Arcade Wall Mounted Coffee Grinder

Now if only I could get a better coffee maker…