Hanging Items on a Brick Wall?

Holidays are fast approaching and a problem my family often seems to run into is how to hang stockings on a brick wall?  This, of course, assumes you don’t have a wood shelf to fasten hooks to, or you have a wood shelf but don’t want to add hooks to it.

Anyway, there are fasteners for bricks available online but they are unsightly and rather expensive for a once a year use.  So what’s a good, quick substitute?  Binder clips:

Hanging Items On a Brick Wall Using a Binder Clip

Simply use the tension of the open binder to insert it into the space between bricks, and then use it to hang items!
Hang a Stocking On a Brick Wall Using a Binder Clip
Obviously, this won’t hold anything particularly heavy, so it probably shouldn’t be used for large picture frames or heavy gift-laden stockings, but it works great for a standard Christmas stocking and isn’t nearly as expensive.
Happy Holidays!