Make Your Own: Worm Composter

At home worm composting has become more popular over the years.  Of course, that also means there are plenty of products on the market you can buy for this hobby.  Expensive products.

But at-home worm composting isn’t that difficult, and doesn’t need to be expensive to start up!  You can build your own composter with just (3) rubbermaid (or rubbermaid-style) bins and a drill:


To keep the bins from sticking together, drill several 1/16″ holes along the top edge of all (3) bins:


Put one bin aside- that bin will act to catch water (“worm juice) from the other bins, which will be the ones holding the worms and the compost.  Take those two remaining bins and drill a series of 1/8” holes in the bottom for drainage:


Although each bin purchased will likely come with it’s own lid, you only need one lid for these bins.  Take that one lid, and drill a series of  1/4″ holes for ventilation:


Your worm bin is complete!  Stack the bins, the one on the bottom should always be the one that lacks holes in the bottom and hence be water tight.  The other two bin ‘layers’ are interchangeable so you can shift between active and resting compost (a future post will go into the details of actually using these bins for composting).  The lid will always be on the top most bin:


Buy your worms and start composting!