Make Your Own: Fruit Fly Trap – Cheap and Easy Version

The other week, my family received a bouquet of flowers as a housewarming present.  The flowers have been a beautiful centerpiece and they have a wonderful aroma but they also brought with them an unwelcome guest: fruit flies.

Here is an easy way to make your own fruit fly trap to deal with these annoying pests.


  • a plastic 1 liter bottle
  • scissors
  • glue remover (optional)

Take an empty 1 liter bottle and remove the label:

Make your own fruit fly trap 1

Remove the lid, and depending on how picky you are, clean the bottle with a glue remover (like goo-gone or sometimes vinegar will work) to remove any remaining bits of the label:

Make your own fruit fly trap 2

Cut the top off the bottle, just below the bottle neck:

Make your own fruit fly trap 3

Insert the top of the bottle upside down into the base:

Make your own fruit fly trap 4

This means the fruit flies will fly in, but not know how to get out.

Finally, place something in the bottom of the bottle to attract the fruit flies.  You can use a piece of fruit, apple cider vinegar, or my personal favorite: a small amount of wine:

Make your own fruit fly trap

 Place this bottle wherever the fruit flies appear to congregate and, over the course of a couple days, you’ll notice your fruit flies start to disappear.