Simplify: Your Sock Drawer

Inspired by ideas like the 100 Thing Challenge and Project 333, I am hoping to simplify my whole wardrobe.  But it is a process.  And all processes must start somewhere.

I started with my sock drawer:


One of the things I hate most in life is pairing socks.  I kid you not.  My laundry would often sit in a giant pile simply because I did not want to deal with my socks.  Then, to encourage me to do my laundry, I started throwing all my socks into my drawer unpaired.

It took me several years to realize how much I loathed the simple activity of pairing socks.  Over those years, I also developed a preference in style and type of sock I liked to wear: cotton anklets.

So one day, in a fit, I took all the socks out of my sock drawer, re-purposed and/or donated them, then filled my sock drawer with (2) new matching sets: one pack of black socks and one pack of white socks.  Since I am also working on a new simplified wardrobe, and I prefer grays and blacks as my basis, I knew white and black socks would fit just about all of my needs:


The number one benefit of this is I don’t have to pair socks anymore!  Just find two black, or two white, and I’m one my way.  Luckily, I made this discovery before the birth of my son and, as a result, I applied this same technique to his socks- no finding (or loosing) tiny baby socks!  I bought a large 12 pack, and since all of them are interchangeable, I can worry less about if he looses one during an outing or if the dryer causes one to disappear.

This simple act was my first with simplifying my wardrobe, and it was so successful for me that it inspired me to keep going.  It’s amazing how the little things can cause such stress in life without us even realizing it.