Some of My Favorite Things: Dryer Balls

Dryer Balls First, I think this particular product has a very unfortunate name.  My husband giggles immaturely every time I say ‘dryer balls.’  Especially when I say how much I love them.

If we look past their unfortunate name, however, they are a reusable item that dates back to the early days of washer and dryers.  And I have no idea why they fell out of favor.  These dryer balls act as a way to natural soften fabrics while in the dryer and, in my experience, they also help keep sheets and towels from becoming tangled.  This alone reduces the amount of time items spend in the dryer, let alone eliminating the need for fabric softener.

Unfortunately, my dryer balls do not appear to address static cling.  Static cling is hardly an issue for most of the laundry I do, but everyone once in a while my husband’s wool socks find a way to stick to everything.  Luckily, another company offers reusable dryer sheets to help address static cling and eliminate the use of chemically-laced disposable dryer sheets.  I’ve used my combination of dryer balls and reusable dryer sheets for about three years now and have no regrets.

Interested?  Of course amazon offers both these products: here and here.