DVD storage

Similar to my CD storage system, I was looking for a better way to access and store my DVDs.  As with any project, I started by filtering my collection down to just what I wanted to keep and was still dismayed by the amount of space the collection took up:

DVD cases take up too much space!

And just like my CD collection, DVDs in their cases are not easy to sort through or easy to store.  I did some research on DVD holders and found this slick binder on amazon.  What I liked best about this binder was that it had a slot for the DVD cover and the possibility for multiple DVDs.   My DVDs are suddenly easier to access, take up less space, and the three ring binder allows me to easily add new DVDs and keep them in alphabetical order without having to shift everything around.

Three ring binder for DVDsAs with my CDs my future movies will likely be digital so I won’t be adding much more to this collection and, as a result, I didn’t plan for much expansion.

But now what do you do with all those DVD cases and CD jewel cases?  I looked and looked for recycling options for some time, and then magically, Best Buy started taking them.  I had to speak to a few employees at the store before I found one who knew what to do with them, but they definitely take them for recycling.