Scrapbook Idea and Template: Before and After

I love to do things myself.  I love learning how to do things, and I love that doing things yourself usually saves money.

As a result of this DIY lifestyle, I am obsessed with before and after photos.  I love seeing several months (or years) of transformation boiled down to a few photographs.  The only problem with this concept and how it relates to home improvement is: when do you consider a project finished?  No matter how much we do, there is always something more to do. Well, we recently sold our first home and, although we would have continued to ‘improve’ the place if we still lived there, we suddenly found ourselves with a defined ‘after.’

Although I miss our first home and looking at photos of all the hard work we did makes me nostalgic, I decided it was still worthwhile to make a scrapbook of all the ‘improvements’ we made at our old house.  And I designed a scrapbook template to show off just that:

Before & After Scrapbook Template- Home Improvement- FoyerBefore & After Scrapbook Template- Home Improvement- Family Rm
Before & After Scrapbook Template- Home Improvement- Backyard


And the template is also for sale!  The template comes with 2 facing page templates and 16 standard room name titles.  Standard corbel text is used if you want to add any additional information to your scrapbook and the template has two colors choices: gray or tan:


Gray Before-and-After Template: $0.99



Tan Before-and-After Template: $0.99

Available for immediate download after purchase.