Keep it Simple: Baby Monitor

It seems many simplicity sites try to deal with the concept of minimizing and simplifying with kids.  Well, we have a young son and I can tell you, it isn’t easy to keep things simple or minimalist.

Right now, with all the stuff we keep getting from well meaning friends and family, we are simply trying to survive parenthood and keep the stuff contained.  Baby products don’t help the situation, either, since most items are extreme uni-taskers or just plain ridiculous (examples here, here, here….).

So in looking for a new video baby monitor, I was disappointed in how expensive they were, or how BIG they were.  I wanted something portable instead of a small TV.  I also wanted something that, ideally, could work for other uses after a child no longer needed a monitor.  We ended up finding exactly what we wanted in the Foscam IP network camera. Although its primary use will be as a baby monitor, it has the potential to also work as a security camera, or just a curiosity camera to see what our dogs do during a typical day.

Alternative to video baby monitor- less expensive IP camera

The best part about this camera?  No monitor!  It uses your smart phone, kindle, computer, or other wireless device to stream video.  So, if I’m working at my computer I can have a separate tab open and check in.  If I want to work outside, I can use my phone to check in. Currently, our camera is set up so it will only work on our wireless network so, for example, we can’t go out to a movie and check in on the babysitter- although if we configure the settings differently, it is possible to check in from anywhere with an internet connection.

With all that, why don’t more parents use this as a monitor?  Well, my husband is a pretty technical guy and this still wasn’t the easiest thing to set up.  In fact, I doubt I have the capability to set this camera up.  We also happen to have a static IP address, which made set up even easier, although likely still above my capabilities.  But, since my husband had the know-how, this is by far my favorite baby device yet.