Make Your Own: Wall Ruler

A popular post currently on pinterest is how to make a wall ruler to measure your kids growth.  There are so many examples of this- see here, here, here, here– you get the idea.

Well, my son was about to have his first birthday, and I wanted something to measure his growth so I decided to jump on this trend and make my own wall ruler:

Wall Ruler, Complete

I didn’t do much different in mine from the other examples you’ll find, but I did take a super easy route with the numbers- not the craftiest method, for sure, but an easy one.

What you’ll need:

Wall Ruler, what you'll need

  •  (1) 1×6 board (I used pine), 6 ft long
  • wood stain of your choice (I used gunstock stain so the ruler would match our furniture- walnut stain would probably look more like a traditional ruler color)
  • Clear finish (I used polycrylic for easy water clean-up)
  • 1″ block letter stickers- available for signs at most office and home improvement stores.

First, I stained my board with (2) coats of my chosen stain: gunstock- sorry, I forgot to photograph that part.

Next, I marked my board in 1 inch increments.

Wall Ruler, Step 1

Then I used the capital i(s) to mark the 1 ft increments (my board will be mounted 6 inches off the floor so the first foot marker started 6 inches from the edge of the board), and numbered the board (however, I ended up putting the numbers on upside down from a traditional ruler and corrected that in a later step)

Wall Ruler, Step 2

Next, I took the Es from the block letters and cut off the horizontal portion to use as markers at 3, 6, and 9 inch locations:

Wall Ruler, Step 3

And cut the vertical portion of the E into several small squares to use as the rest of the inch markers:
Wall Ruler, Step 4 Wall Ruler, Step 5Of course, here is where I realized I had my numbers upside down from how I wanted them, so I removed the numbers and positioned new ones.  Then, using clear coat, I sealed on top of the stain and the numbers/ inch markers:

Wall Ruler, Step 6

The board was mounted 6″ above the floor, and now on every birthday my son will have his height recorded as well as a hand print:

Wall Ruler, complete!

The last thing I plan to do to this board will come a few years from now- when my son first learns to write.  I plan on him having him write his name (hopefully with backward Es and squiggly lines) and I will enlarge his name and transfer it to the ruler.  Hopefully this will make the wall ruler look like the ruler I had in school which, of course, we were required to write our names on.