Simplify: Kitchen Pot Holder


In organizing our new kitchen, one of our greatest concerns was where to hang our pots.  Probably not a concern for most normal people, but my husband and I had grown accustomed to having our pots hang from a decorative wall holder on an empty wall in our kitchen- unfortunately, our new house had a galley kitchen with no available wall space.

But our new kitchen did have a pantry next to the kitchen, as well as a cabinet pantry in the kitchen with pull-out shelves.  So, we decided to order a towel bar, some chrome S hooks, and a kitchen organizer to make our own hanging pot holder in our cabinet pantry.

I picked a towel bar that had an exposed screw so I could bolt through the bottom of the drawer rather than rely on an allen wrench tightening screw to support the weight of the pots and pans.  The S hooks simply hang on the sideways towel bar, and the kitchen organizer sits on top of the pull out shelf to hold the lids.

We love how this project turned out.

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