Simplify: Whole House Cable Management System

In all the places we’ve lived, we’ve battled with the issue of how to make cords inconspicuous.  Not just the mess of computer cords behind a computer desk, but also all the coax cable, ethernet/Cat5/Cat6 cable, speaker cable, and (becoming much less common) telephone cable that runs throughout a house.

In the best situations, these cables were run next to the base molding, in perpendicular lines, and were painted to match the wall or were at least a similar color.  More often than not, however, these cables were a strong contrasting color, hanging loose, and had no semblance of order.

Well, we wanted to address this issue in our new house.  We also had the problem of needing more light but also have to contend with a flat roof and no attic (and hence, no attic access).  The solution?  Crown molding.

Now I’ve heard of crown molding hiding cable before, usually speaker wire, but I never liked the idea because the molding would encapsulate the cable and it was not easy to access or change.  But, we had pretty decent ceiling height (8 ft) and an idea to offset the crown molding from the ceiling to allow for uplighting as well as cable management:

Uplighting and cable management

Our ceilings are pretty high, but not high enough to have door trim, wall space, and then crown molding.  So we combined our door trim with the crown molding:

Uplighting and cable management

The result was the crown molding sat about 8 inches below the ceiling (and the wall was painted the same color as the ceiling for those 8 inches).  It also means the crown molding left an accessible shelf for us to sit cable in, as well as some new LED lights:

Uplighting and cable management- hide cables in crown moulding

 So now, all our cables can sit in the trough left by the crown molding and, wherever we want a coax or internet outlet, we can simply run it in the crown molding, then drop it down inside the wall at the desired location- with no cables visible and an easy way to swap the cables out in the future!

I love it when design works out!