Reel Mower- A Real Mower

Alternative to Gas Powered Mower- Reel Mower

Our previous home was a townhouse with no garage, and our current home has very little grass and steep hills.  In both situations, a large, gas powered mower was more than what we needed to maintain our lawn, not to mention it would take up too much space in our townhome, and would be too large to haul around our current terraced backyard.

So what did we do?  In both cases, we used a reel mower.  Our previous reel mower was an antique- it was heavy, partially rusted, and took a lot of arm work.  But it did the job and  it was eventually passed on to the new owner when we sold our townhome.

Upon moving into our new home, however, we decided to get a new reel mower- and boy have these things improved!  For about a $100, we decided on a Scotts Reel Mower– which is larger than the antique we had before, but also lighter and all around better.  We inherited a lawn that wasn’t in great shape, and our dogs aren’t helping it thrive, but this little mower is more than capable of keeping up our small patch of grass, it is easy to move around, and it doesn’t require the same level of maintenance that a gas powered mower would.  Although the blades will eventually need sharpening, and if the grass gets too tall it lets a few blades slip through, in the end this little mower is perfect for our situation and is one of my favorite purchases for our new home.

In fact, I almost enjoy mowing the lawn.  Almost.