Garden Trellis Alternative: UPDATED

My husband brews his own beer.  So it wasn’t much of a leap when we decided to grow some of our own hops as well.

In planning where to plant our hop vines, It just so happened that our previous home was a town house with a walk-out basement and a balcony off the main floor.  For easy harvesting, we decided we wanted the hops to grow on the balcony railing, but we needed a way for them to reach the balcony above.  Our solution?  Hang a trellis upside down from the balcony:

hang an upside down trellis off a balconyhang an upside down trellis off a balcony

We loved this solution and were sad to leave it behind with our old home.

But, we decided to take some hop rhizomes with us when we moved, just in case our new home could support them.  As luck would have it, our new house also had a walk-out basement and a porch on the main floor!

So I started a search for a new trellis to hang upside down from our new balcony.  Unfortunately, all the trellises I liked were too expensive (really?  A hundred dollars for a trellis?) and I didn’t want to compromise and get something I didn’t like.

After some thought, and a decision to put rain chains on our house, I realized the solution was right in front of me: chains!  So we hung chains off our balcony railing for the hops to climb up.  Our hops haven’t sprouted yet, but I think I love this solution even more than the upside down trellis!

use chains as an alternative for a trellis off a balcony


After living with the set up for a short time, I decided I loved the concept of chains so much I had to add more:

Chains instead of trellis

As our vines started to reach the chains, it also looked like hanging chains alone wouldn’t be secure enough in a strong breeze or if accidentally knocked- so I repositioned the barrels, buried the ends of the chains, and secured them with a staple gun:

Securing chains for vines

Now, each barrel has two chains for vines to grow up, the chains are secured so hopefully no vines will accidentally break, and the vines don’t seem to have any problems grabbing onto the metal chains.  So far, so good:

Hops growing up chains instead of trellis

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