Curtain Rod DIY Alternative

Piping as curtain Rod

In the past I have purchased rather nice curtain rods from home stores but have always been unhappy with them.   Standard curtain and drapery rods are expensive, they are flimsy, and the curtains often catch on the telescoping joint that allows the curtain rod to expand to fit a range of window sizes.

So now I refuse to buy them.

Instead, I came across the idea of using standard piping to create your own drapery rod- I love it and it is super easy!

First, you need to find a plumbing store that sells metal pipe (and cuts it to length).  Then choose between black and galvanized piping (I chose black- which is also usually cheaper).  Each curtain will need (2) nipples (I used 2 1/2″), (2) elbows, (2) floor flanges, and one length of pipe cut to the desired width.  I like my drapes to hang wide, so I measured the window opening and added 18″ to each side to determine my desired width.  Then simply hang the curtain rod by attaching the floor flanges to the wall- and be sure to either find a stud or use heavy duty drywall anchors for attachment.

If the color isn’t quite what you like, I have also spray painted standard pipe with Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint– and I assume most other spray paints would also work.  But the unfinished pipe also has a wonderful industrial feel so I don’t think spray painting is necessary.  And the best part?  These things look substantial, are very sturdy, and cost much (much) less than anything I’ve found in home stores.  Now if I could only find an alternative for the drapes themselves…