Replacing the Backing Pad on an Orbital Disc Sander

Several years ago, my husband and I purchased an orbital disc sander with a hook and loop backing pad.  I love this sander.  The hook and loop makes it incredibly easy to swap out the sand paper, and the random orbital sander makes sanding surfaces go really fast.  Unfortunately, I was overzealous once and didn’t realize there wasn’t a sanding disc on the sander and I started sanding.  The hook and loops were now very, very clogged.  It still worked for a while, but during a difficult sanding project recently, I couldn’t get the discs to stick AT ALL.

I bemoaned the thought of having to buy a new sander when this one worked fine (other than some velcro-like hook and loops wearing out).  I turned to the internet and found some painful suggestions about removing the backing bad and gluing on new velcro.  Ick.  But then, I found this replacement backing pad!  I wasn’t positive it would work with my sander since it appeared some screws were exposed, but I decided to give it a try.

Sure enough!  I poked through to some screws on the worn out backing pad, and installed the new backing pad in it’s place.  Easiest. Thing. Ever.



And now my orbital sander is just like new again!