Family Portrait Wall

I once went over to a distant relative’s house and they had a wall beautifully decorated with photos of their family.  She called it her ‘family portrait wall’ and they changed out the photos every year to represent all the family they had spent time with- both close relatives and distant ones.  It was a beautiful sentiment and it was done so well that I decided I, too, must have a family portrait wall.

In my previous house, I purchase several matching and similar frames, decided on several photos, had the photos printed in black and white, and laid the frames out on a wall.  Overall, it was nice, but it did not have the impact I had originally hoped for.

New house, new attempt.  And I had some big plans.

See, I had this huge blank wall to deal with:

family portrait wall: before

 I decided to reuse the frames I already had but I purchased some green ribbon to hang them with.  I found this incredible wall decal on sale on amazon, ordered it in chocolate brown, and then this happened:

family portrait wall: with wall decal and frames with ribbons

My family portrait wall is now, literally, my family tree.

family portrait wall: with wall decal and frames with ribbons


For anyone who hasn’t worked with wall decals, I highly recommend them.  They do take some work, either by squeegeeing the decal onto the backing paper or onto the wall, not to mention positioning the decal correctly, but they are so much easier (and nicer, since I lack artistic skill) than any other option I know of.  This particular decal is larger than any I’ve worked with before and I was glad to have had past experience with decals.  In the end, though, the results were fantastic and I absolutely love my family portrait wall.