BEST. Non-Slip Bathtub Stickers. Ever.

So my son is of the age where he really enjoys baths.  He also really enjoys standing up in the tub- but he definitely doesn’t like it when he slips.  I have been meaning to address this issue for a while but I hate all the solutions I’ve come across during my life.

As a child, I grew up with bath mats.  My mom always took care of them, hung them up after each shower or bath, and since we lived in a dry climate, they generally dried well.  She also cleaned them.  I tried my own bath mat for a while, but it always looked a little gross.  I also moved around a lot, from apartments to house rentals, and along the way I had some experience with those clear bath tub stickers shaped in things like flowers or waves.  And they were more gross than the bath mat.  Of course, I did generally like the textured shower pans and/or tubs that come in newer places, but as our old home won’t be getting a new tub anytime soon, I had to come up with a different solution.

And thank you Etsy.

I found this incredible shop that creates vinyl non-skip decals for bathtubs.  And they are adorable decals.  They are also black decals so any gross build-up isn’t visible.  And, so far, they work! (the store appears to be out currently, but I hope they bring them back soon!)

non-slip bathtub decal

How great is that?  A TREASURE MAP!  In the bathtub!  I think I may have to buy more pirate themed bathtub toys because this is such a cool solution.

Bath time just got better.