The Power of Paint

Over the past two years I have been repainting my whole house.  As in, everything in my whole house: walls, ceilings, and trim.

There are many different theories regarding paint colors, paint finishes, and how to apply paint; and I have now painted enough rentals and previous houses to know my preferences.  So I thought I’d share a few of my preferred tips:

First: Never underestimate the power of paint.


Power of paint: before


Power of paint: after


Second: Never assume your ceiling is white.  Or good enough.

I used to always skip repainting the ceiling.  Until I finally decided to repaint one ceiling and saw the drastic difference it makes.  Ceilings are often overlooked and are assumed to still be ‘ceiling white.’ In reality, ceilings may not have been painted white, they fade over time, and they develop buildup especially if the house had smokers, a humidifier, or people who liked to cook.  So now I always paint the ceilings.  I, personally, like a bright white ceiling, but whatever the color, it has always been worth it to repaint the ceiling.

Third: Always do two coats.

I used to think if I was really thorough and did one thick coat that would be good enough.  Nope.  Always plan to do at least two coats.  No matter how thorough I am, spots are always missed.  And I have never regretted a second coat.

Fourth (and lastly): If painting takes one day, allow a week of prep.

Seriously, never underestimate the power of preparation.  Painting is the fun part, and makes most of the difference, but if you are going to live with the results, always plan for more prep than you think you need.  Whether it is drywall patching, fixing drywall cracks, caulking windows, moving furniture, or removing outlet covers, assume prep work will take most of your time.  It is worth it.

Over the next little while I hope to make some posts on paint finish selections, paint color selections, and painting prep tips.  It’s gonna be good.