Rhubarb Blooms?!??

Last year, I planted a couple of rhubarb plants to compliment the many, many strawberries I just planted.  I hoped they would do well, and they seemed to be pretty happy for their first season.

Well, this year the plants shot out of the ground and almost immediately went to bloom.  Now, if I wanted to harvest rhubarb, I should have cut the blooms and encouraged the plants to focus on leaves.  But, I had never seen rhubarb bloom so I was curious and decided this year would be an experiment.  I would see what rhubarb looked like blooming:
Rhubarb blooming

Initially, the plants looked something more like cauliflower or broccoli, but they quickly grew very tall and sent out little white flowers:

Rhubarb flowering

Then the flowers produced seeds- and now I have plenty of seeds to plant more rhubarb!

Rhubarb seed

After watching this process in my front yard, and thinking I had never seen rhubarb bloom before, I now realize my area has a ton of rhubarb going to bloom- both wild rhubarb and neighbors who planted rhubarb but don’t appear too concerned about maximizing a harvest.  But I’m glad my plants appear to be happy, I fully expect to add more rhubarb to my garden in the coming years, and now I know how to recognize rhubarb that has gone to bloom.

Happy blooming!