Cat Diapers

So I am a crazy pet mom.

Several years ago our beloved elderly cat, Zeddy, was diagnosed with a particular cancer that caused him to be incontinent.  It was inoperable and untreatable, so we were faced with the challenge of making his last few weeks, maybe months, as comfortable as possible.  But incontinence is not pleasant to deal with so we also looked into cat diapers so we could enjoy our time with him as well.  At the time, the only cat diapers I could find designed specifically for cats had a 3-4 week processing time.  And there was a possibility Zeddy may not live that long.  We needed diapers now.

So I made my own:

Zeddy Cat in Diapers Zeddy Cat in Diapers

Over the course of a couple of weeks, I designed, altered, and redesigned several cat diaper options until we found one that worked for us.  And it made our lives so much easier during a very rough time.

Later, family and friends encouraged me to take that cat diaper design and offer it to others facing similar situations.  It took a while but I finally set up an etsy shop and now sell cat diapers called ‘ZedPants.’

cloth diapers for cats- ZedPants

Cloth Cat Diapers- yellow- top view Cloth Cat Diapers- blue- top view Cloth Cat Diapers- green- bottom view Cloth Cat Diapers- inside with insert

The diapers include an adjustable elastic waistband, snap-in inserts, are machine washable, and fasten in a way that does not require threading a cat’s tail through a tiny hole.  I hope to do a sewing tutorial soon, for those of you who might be interested in making your own, but until then- if you ever find yourself in need of cat diapers, please check out my etsy page.

Cloth Diapers for Cats- Instructions for ZedPants