Painting Tip: Hide Your Brush Strokes

If painting with a paint roller, it is usually desirable to maximize the roller texture and minimize brush strokes.  But how do you do this?

Easy.  Paint the corners first.

Regardless if you use a brush, or special applicator for corners, or something else, paint the corners first and then roller as far into the corner as the roller can reach.  This means only a small section of the corner won’t have the desired roller texture.



As I think two coats of paint are always required, I usually paint the corners first then roller regardless of if the corners have completely dried.  Then I do the exact same thing for the second coat.  If the corners are particularly tricky, I may do a third coat on the corners, even if the walls only get two coats.  In that case, I usually paint the corners and the walls, do a second coat just in the corners, then a third coat of painting the corners then the walls- similar to the first coat.

And although I mention just corners, this technique applies to anywhere a brush is used: around outlets, around trim, etc.

Roller texture achieved.