BIG Summer Project

Last year, my big summer project was the front yard.  Unfortunately, after removing many fitzers/junipers, we discovered the garden had, at one point, been xeriscaped with landscape rocks.  After removing sections of landscape rocks, we then discovered there was another layer of landscape rocks, underneath a weed barrier, underneath the top layer of landscape rocks.  oi.  So, in other words, that project didn’t get very far and is still in progress as we try and remove rocks and expose some soil.

So this year I’m staying indoors.  So what’s the big project this year?


Scary 70s bathroom before

Scary 70s bathroom before

We’ve lived in this house for almost 2 years now and generally everything in the house was nice or, in the very least, livable when we moved in.  Except this bathroom.  My husband and I hated it.  When we moved in, it was carpeted.  Carpeted.  It also had pineapple themed towel holders and wallpaper- not our style at all.  The shower was minuscule.  The faucet valves leaked under the sink.  And the shower appeared to have had moisture issues that had been repaired but who knows how well.  Yeah, this bathroom needs some help.

But, we had been ignoring this bathroom since we spend very little time downstairs.  We had expected to ignore it for another few years but life happens and we suddenly needed to create an office for me downstairs as well as relocate my husband’s office downstairs, so suddenly having a decent bathroom took on a new level of urgency.

So I did some searching and found this inspiration image:

How I want my bathroom to look

The flooring has been ordered.  So has the bathtub.  The plumbing will be relocated for this new layout, and I. CAN’T. WAIT.