The “Scary” Bathroom: Demolition

It seems to me there are two points in a project where progress is truly visible: demolition and installation of final finishes.

Well, the “scary” downstairs bathroom definitely looks different now but mostly in the sense that it looks worse.

The wallpaper, the wall paneling, and the carpet were removed.  So were the vanity and the shower.

Bathroom Remodel: Demolition in progress Bathroom Remodel: Demolition in progress

Bathroom Remodel: Demolition in progress

And with all this demolition comes the surprises.  Like how there were two layers of vinyl tile underneath the carpet.  Or how the shower leaked so bad we found past termite damage (that had been disclosed in the house’s purchase but we didn’t know the exact location).  And how the slopped shower floor was not just poured on top of the slab- it was poured with the slab so it was both lower and higher than the surrounding floor.  Oh, and the bathroom fan didn’t actually vent- it just dumped the air into the ceiling space above the bathroom.

But despite liking to do things myself, I also know my limitations.  We want to swap the location of the tub and the toilet, so we are hiring a plumber to do the work- including tearing up the slab and patching it with the new plumbing in place.  Ideally, it appears to be a simple task- but I’m expecting some surprises…