Summer Project Update: Scary Bathroom No More

Some of you may remember where I left off with my big summer project of 2014.  Well, I did eventually finish that project but I never got around to blogging about it.  In case you need a reminder, we left off here.

Remember how I said I knew my limits and we were going to hire someone to do the in-slab plumbing?  Well, we got a few quotes and hired someone to do this:



I’m glad we did because it required a jackhammer, and digging, and good plumbing skills.  But the whole thing also reminded me why I hate hiring people.  Because although they agreed they would patch the floor and make it flush for a vinyl floor installation, it was left like this instead:



See, they filled in the holes with concrete but  it was very rough and slightly sunken.  So I called them out and pointed out my concerns about not having a smooth flush floor like we agreed on.  They attempted to make things right by pouring self leveling concrete over their first attempt.  They had me “approve” it while wet, and it looked good when wet, but once it dried it was obvious there was a huge lip were the self leveling concrete ended- something that could have been addressed while wet but I didn’t know to do it.  Eventually I decided it wasn’t worth fighting with them over anymore and I would just fix it myself.  That way I’d get a good floor that I’d be happy with.  So before the concrete fullly cured, I tried a few things to try and address the issues.  What worked?  My sander and some water:



Obviously, sanding with water is called wet sanding and all the water does is keep the dust from flying into the air.  It made a bit of a mess on the walls, and I don’t think my sander was technically made to operate with a slightly wet surface, but it worked out and after a few hours and several sanding pads we had a pretty smooth floor to work with:



Then paint could suddenly go on the walls, new flooring on the floor, and we could start installing fixtures- the bathroom was coming together fast.  Really fast.