Advent Calendar! A Pinterest Idea that doesn’t suck!

I have a love/ hate relationship with pinterest.  I love all the ideas it gives me.  I (usually) hate how the ideas turn out.  But last Christmas I came across one of the BEST advent calendar ideas ever:


The idea is so simple, it’s almost insulting.  All you do is find books- could be new ones you want to give your kids, could be old ones you have, could be favorite ones they’ve read before, or introducing them to ones from the library- it doesn’t matter.  I happened to have several Christmas books in our home library so I used them.  Then you wrap them up.  (I took the easy way out on wrapping and decided to use the brown paper that comes in our amazon packages)  Then every night before bed you open one book as a bedtime story.  One book a night until Christmas.  I LOVED this!  And I’m hoping it will be a new tradition.