More Delicious Crochet: DRAGONS!

I have actually been pretty busy with several knitting and crocheting projects this year but I haven’t been posting about them (yet).   Despite having many, many different types of projects throughout the year, I’d still call 2015 the year of the dragon.  Because I ended up making 4 crochet dragons.  I LOVE this pattern.

delicious crochet- dragon delicious crochet - dragon delicious crochet- dragon delicious crochet- dragons delicious crochet- gaggle of dragons

This pattern is actually by the same person I got my llama and sheep patterns from and I have several more patterns from Delicious Crochet that I have made or plan to.  I modified the original dragon pattern so I could use a variety of colors, and I also added “hair” at the request of my son.  Now I just need to find someone to make this octopus for.

Crochet: A Minion Hat!

crochet minion hat- despicable me

 The weather has turned colder and, for some reason, my brain suddenly starts to crave knitting or crocheting.  Coupled with the fact that my son is currently obsessed with the movie Despicable Me, and I have a ton of yellow yarn leftover from another project, I decided to make a minion hat.

I started with this tutorial but made a few changes.

I used worsted weight yarn and a size G needle. Similar to the tutorial, I started with a magic circle, then worked with the double crochet stitch and increased the circle to the size that currently best fits my son (6 rows, for me).

Then I crocheted 4 rows of double crochet stitches with no increases/decreases, switched to black and crocheted 2 rows of double crochet stitches with no increases/decreases, crocheted 2 more rows of yellow, then 2 rows of blue.  At this point, I switched the direction I was crocheting and crocheted 2 more rows of blue to create the fold in the hat.

The hair was just a few strands of black yarn at the top and I stitched the eye on.

The eye started with a magic circle and was worked in single crochet- first with 2 rows of black (6, then 12 stitches) then white for 2 rows (18 and 24 stitches).  For the gray I did one row normally (30 stitches) then one row in the front loop only (30 stitches).  Then (36) single crochet, then 36 in the back loops only and attached to the back loops of the previous row.  This resulted in a nice lip for the gray goggles.

And that was it.  And it only took me one afternoon.

Now I am working on a purple minion companion hat.

crochet minion hat- despicable me